Monday, December 03, 2012

Hanging There

People kept telling me, hanging there. Be strong. Instead, I used to tell people to do that when they are in my situation. Like when you are falling apart. To be truth, I am doing that every time, before. Before my heart was swollen. Kept digging all the past doesn't bring anything good for any relations. Nay. Never. You will kept hurting yourself and the other half. Tell me that you are not, then you are a liar instead.

Telling the other person "I want to live with you forever" means that you have to live with the solely her/him. Whatever her/his past, you just have to deal with it. Live with it and kept digging till the rest of your life or just left it behind. You have options here. You decide.

Hanging and kept hanging myself up even in the end it might took my life with. I believe in one thing. If he/her is your soul mate, then nothing can't break you up unless dead. Enough.

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