Friday, July 06, 2012


on this hour,
on this date,
i still hold that,
to not saying,
to not wishing,
i am letting the day passed,
without any reminder.

i will hold myself,
into a deep grief,
so i will never let the Grinch
out from me,
let the smile-24-hours me only,
if you only know,
how hard to pretend on not saying,
anything since 12am,

deep in my heart,
the words keep rebelling
pushing through my throat
so it will hit my tongue
and i will spill
but yes.
i can say that i succeed
to hold.

this is the first time,
but it will repeat
again later on
because that number will always appear
in every month
this is the start i think,
thinking of something,
i will survive next,
because i can survive now,
i laugh, i smile.
i can.
i just know :)

i don't hold any grudge,
i'm just having my inner peace.

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